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Guides, templates, examples and resources on designing, developing, implementing, monitoring and maintaining a compliance management system and compliance performance according to international standards plus other guides on risk management strategies and approaches, complaints management system, compliance audits, plans and reports and more.

These standards have an international application and are based off the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)’s requirements as published in their standards documentation.

Beginners’ Guide to CMS (Compliance Management System)
This guide provides comprehensive information on developing, implementing and maintaining a compliance management system. Very useful for those new to compliance.

Compliance Risk Assessment Questionnaire
Our Compliance Risk Assessment Questionnaire which should be completed by our registered subscribers. Your answers to the questionnaire will be used by us to prepare a Compliance Risk Assessment Report for you.

Guide To Identifying Your Compliance Obligations
This guide provides a systematic and methodological approach to identifying your compliance obligations. It has an Australian-specific focus as it relates to strategies and approaches for identifying legal and regulatory obligations of organisations doing business in Australia.

Guide To Identifying Your Compliance Commitments
This guide provides an overview of possible compliance commitments an organisation may have to its staff, customers, industry groups and other third parties.