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Independent compliance audit reports


Satisfy your regulatory compliance audit report requirements

We are able to provide an independent compliance audit report for businesses who either require a compliance audit report to meet regulatory requirements or undertakings, or who require one as part of their internal process reviews.

As our client, we take your business very seriously. Our compliance audit report service is designed to identify gaps and maximise opportunities for your organisation. It is focused on deep business intelligence and organisation analytics where we provide insights and analytics on things that matter most – strategies to maximise business value, profitability and growth.

We are also able to conduct independent compliance audits required for industry regulators. Our compliance auditors are all highly experienced and skilled, acting ethically, objectively and without bias. They have more than enough knowledge to be versatile and decisive in their decision-making processes and preparation of their compliance audit report.

Compliance audit report features

Our compliance audits cover the following features:

  • discussions and agreement with you on purpose and objectives of compliance audit
  • design of the scope and focus of compliance audit based on such purpose and objectives
  • conduct of either on-site and off-site compliance audits, depending on  the scope of the compliance audit
  • conduct of the following types of audits:
    • audit of the organisation’s compliance program and adherence to regulatory requirements or legal undertakings
    • audit of gaps in the organisation’s compliance management system
    • audit of gaps in compliance documentation and compliance training
    • analysis of organisation’s adherence to policies and procedures
    • analysis of breach handling processes and remediation strategies
  • application of quality assurance controls and proper record-keeping policies and procedures for compliance audit reports
  • compliance with assurance engagement standards AS 3000 and AS 3001 as well as auditing management process requirements under the international standard for ISO 19011:2011 – guidelines for auditing management systems
  • assessments of results and trends
  • analysis, discussion and report on outcome of audit
  • preparation of compliance audit report for stakeholders, the Board and industry regulators
  • recommendations for integration of results of the compliance audit into the compliance management system of the organisation
  • recommendations for  implementation of continuous improvement procedures
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We also provide for our clients industry and competitor benchmarking reports aimed at identifying key opportunities for growth and customer engagement, and at determining loyalty drivers for your business, so that your business can maintain competitive advantage.

Our reports are based on extensive secondary market and industry research online and through various sources of primary information. Our team’s in-depth research experiences allow us to identify, gather and catalogue hundreds of data sets relevant to our analyses for the benefit of our clients.


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Our compliance audit report service is trusted by large and small enterprises alike for our independent, analytical and direct approach to compliance auditing. We conduct our compliance audits with our clients’ objectives and requirements in mind. Equipped with a dedicated Compliance Support Service, it’s a hassle-free solution perfect for SMEs and their clients.

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