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Contract & sales training courses


Contract and sales performance training for building a high performing business

Integrated online contract and sales performance training courses for optimising opportunities, enhancing skills and ensuring superior results

At The Performance Management Company, we strongly believe that the delivery of any compliance training program will not be effective without implementation of a corresponding training program that includes contract management, contract negotiations, conflict resolution, customer engagement, sales performance training and skills-building modules, to name a few.

Our performance training courses are part of a comprehensive suite of online training courses we offer to our clients that supplements and supports the rest of the Business Compliance Services and solutions we provide.

Accessing our courses

You are able to access our all of online contract and sales performance training courses in any of the following ways:

We also supply custom online contract and sales performance training courses as part of our Enterprise Compliance Program through any of the above means.

Contract and sales performance training features

Our contract and sales performance training courses come with the following features:

  • mobile-friendly, dynamic and responsive interface
  • accessible through a variety of devices including mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops
  • built with integrated learning strategies focused on providing successful learning outcomes
  • intuitive presentations allowing trainees to click through the modules easily
  • quality content that includes:
    • topic summaries
    • case studies and scenarios
    • definitions and glossary
    • specific contract and sales negotiation strategies
    • links to tools, guides and various research sources
    • assessment tasks
    • custom branding and content
    • quick access support and FAQs

All of our online contract and sales performance training courses are SCORM compatible and built on HTML 5. Use your own learning management system or we can provide you with one!

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Contract and sales performance training modules

Our contract and sales performance training modules provide a comprehensive training program on contract and sales negotiations, sales buying process, contract risks, conflict resolution and sales and contract life cycle management.

The modules are focused on building a high performing sales team within the organisation with the following traits:

  • strong selling and negotiation skills
  • compliant and risk aware, and
  • has an understanding of basic legal requirements of contract formation, contract management and contract performance.

Contract training modules
Our contract training modules cover the following topics including:
Contract formation
Types and examples of contracts
Undesirable clauses
Contract execution
Contract negotiations
Contract risk management
Contract performance
Cancellation of contract
Contract remedies
Conflict management

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Sales training modules
Our sales training modules cover the following topics including:
Solution-focused selling
Customer buying journey
Sales risk management
Sales psychology
Objection handling
Dealing with competitors
Sales closing techniques
Follow up management
Upsells and cross-sells

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Our contract and sales performance training topics are aimed at maximising sales and revenue opportunities, conversion opportunities, building and solving customer needs and relationship management skills while managing enterprise risks.

We focus on providing training courses that will allow managers and employees to build their skills as path to creating a high performing team for the business. Our training programs are delivered through e-learning modules and we will work with you on the best training approach for optimising employee engagement including offers of reward and penalties for non-attendance.

Our compliance management program is the most comprehensive in the market. We provide a total solution to enterprise content creation, management and administration for our clients and solidify the services with unique quality contract management and sales performance training, reporting and analytics programs at the best prices available.


For a list of our prices for our online compliance training courses, see our TPM Pricing page.


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