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ISO and ACCC-compliant


ACCC compliance program required for s87B legal undertakings

Our corporate compliance programs are structured to comply with ACCC compliance program requirements and is designed based on international standards

If you are a business that has provided, or is required to provide, a legal undertaking to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), our Corporate Compliance Programs are just the right solution for you. The Program meets ACCC requirements and are designed to:

  • identify and reduce risks of non-compliance of regulatory obligations including, in particular, obligations under the Competition and Consumer Protection Act 2010 (Cth);
  • manage non-compliance with an appropriate complaints handling system and remediation program;
  • create a risk aware and compliant culture within the organisation.

In some cases, the ACCC requires a legal undertaking from non-compliant businesses to implement an effective ACCC compliance program and compliance management system as part of their enforcement activities. A failure to comply with a legal undertaking may result in costly administrative fines and court orders.

ISO International standards

In addition to ACCC compliance program requirements, our Corporate Compliance Programs are also designed adhere to international standards including the following:

  • ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety (AS 4801 replacement)
  • ISO 19600 Compliance Management Systems
  • ISO 9001 Quality Systems
  • ISO 31000 Risk Management
  • ISO 22301 Business Continuity
  • and more…

ACCC-compliant features

The ACCC-compliant aspects of our Corporate Compliance Programs include the following:

  • compliance organisation structure including establishing the role and responsibilities of a Compliance Officer as part of an integrated corporate governance, risk management and compliance structure
  • conducting a competition and consumer protection compliance risk assessment
  • preparing a compliance risk assessment report
  • preparing compliance documentation including compliance policies and procedures, compliance registers and more
  • developing a complaints handling system and required policies and procedures
  • providing compliance training to staff and employees of your organisation
  • developing a record-keeping system and required policies and procedures
  • assisting with development of responses to compliance audits*
  • assisting with material breach reporting requirements
  • assisting with the provision of compliance documentation to ACCC

We are also able to provide recommendations for service providers who can conduct a compliance audit and prepare a compliance audit report at reasonable costs as part of the ACCC compliance program requirements.

*We ourselves are not able to conduct the audit due to the requirement of independence for the external audit.

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