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Comprehensive corporate compliance programs for SMEs

All-in-one business compliance package giving you everything you need for a compliant, high performing team

Our Corporate Compliance Programs are ISO and ACCC-compliant and are used by businesses to implement compliance management systems for key compliance areas including WHS & OHS, product safety, privacy and data protection, workplace conduct, consumer complaints handling and more.

In addition, businesses who are required to provide a formal undertaking to ACCC to implement a compliance program in their organisation use our programs for meeting ACCC requirements.

We have three levels of Corporate Compliance Programs:

  1. Basic Compliance Program – self-guided compliance program;
  2. Business Compliance Program – custom compliance program; and
  3. Enterprise Compliance Program – fully managed compliance program.

Basic Compliance Program

Our Basic Compliance Program is a self-guided compliance program for businesses who:

  1. need to implement a corporate compliance program required by regulations to manage compliance and risks;
  2. have internal or external representatives that have a good understanding of the design and implementation of compliance management systems; and
  3. are seeking compliance resources for their program.

If you are in this position, we offer the following compliance resources as part of our Basic Compliance Program:

Basic Compliance Program features
TPM Compliance Library

TPM Compliance Library
Get access to compliance registers, policies, manuals, procedures and other tools and resources for your industry written by compliance experts via our compliance library

ACCC-compliant compliance programs

ISO and ACCC compliant
Our compliance programs meet international standards and Australian Competition and Consumer Protection (ACCC) requirements for compliance programs

Compliance Training Courses
Build a compliant, high performing team with our business compliance training programs including WHS, workplace conduct, consumer protection and more

Sales Training Courses
Develop your employees’ capabilities by scheduling training sessions such as contract performance, sales standards, conflict resolution, customer buying process etc

TPM regulatory updates service

Regulatory Update Service
Use our Focus legislation and regulatory updates services as part of your regulatory compliance monitoring and risk management process

Compliance Support Service
Dedicated compliance support services for all your questions and queries on our compliance documentation, compliance training and corporate compliance programs

Business Compliance Program

Our Business Compliance Program is a customised and supported compliance program for businesses who:

  1. require a compliance risk assessment and report;
  2. require a compliance framework design;
  3. require implementation of custom compliance registers and compliance schedules; and
  4. require guidance with the design and implementation of their compliance management system.

Our Business Compliance Program offers the following:

Business Compliance Program features

All Basic Compliance Program features with custom content plus the following:

Compliance policies preparation service

Compliance Policies Preparation Service
We prepare all your compliance policies and procedures, registers and plans and customise them to your organisation’s needs and requirements

Compliance risk assessment report

Compliance Risk Assessment Service
Compliance risk assessment analysis and report for your organisation’s risk of non-compliance on key regulatory compliance areas

Compliance Framework Design Service
Use our regulatory compliance framework for implementing a structure for assessing, planning and scheduling your compliance obligations

Enterprise Compliance Program

Our Enterprise Compliance Program is a fully managed compliance program for businesses who:

  1. need to implement a compliance management system according to international standards as part of their integrated corporate governance, risk management and compliance program;
  2. require consulting services in relation to the design and implementation of the system; and
  3. need to have their compliance documentation and compliance training modules customised to their requirements.
Enterprise Compliance Program features

Our Enterprise Compliance Program offers the following:

  • all features of the Business Compliance Program plus –
    • custom compliance policies and procedures;
    • custom compliance training courses;
    • recommendations and advice on the design, implementation and management of –
      • an integrated compliance management system covering key compliance areas e.g. WHS, consumer protection, record-keeping requirements and more;
      • a complaints handling system;
      • a remediation program for non-compliance;
  • annual compliance audit report (where required or accepted);
  • industry and competitor benchmark report;
  • dedicated support consultant.

Compliance Consulting Project
Compliance consulting on the design and implementation of quality management systems in accordance with international standards including WHS, compliance, contract, risk management, complaints handling systems and more

Compliance Audit Report Service
We prepare and conduct annual compliance audits and compliance reports either as part of an independent audit process or as an internal review, as well as industry and competitor benchmarking analyses and reports

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