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Dedicated compliance support services

We help you keep compliant with our dedicated compliance support services

Our compliance support services allow our clients to ask questions on compliance documentation, compliance training, implementation of compliance frameworks and any other questions as may be required. The services are completely free for clients on any of our Corporate Compliance Programs. Alternatively, you may subscribe to our services for access to immediate support for all your compliance needs.

This service is not a legal service in that we cannot provide legal advice to you. However, we have a highly experienced compliance team who can assist you in developing and managing a compliant, high performing business.

We also provide general and technical support services for general or technical questions, matters or issues you may encounter from your use or application of our compliance management programs.

Compliance support services features

Our compliance support services cover the following features:

  • support relating to compliance issues or questions
  • support relating to general and technical issues, matters or questions
  • online portal that can be accessed anywhere, anytime
  • in-house and not delegated or contracted offshore
  • strict compliance with our service level agreements
  • best practice complaints handling procedure
  • consistent 5 star ratings from our clients
  • related knowledge-base, FAQs and resource centre

We believe in managing our clients’ expectations and providing the best outcomes for our clients. We therefore focus strongly on optimising our clients’ experiences when dealing with us and deliver fast response times for you.

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Our all-inclusive Corporate Compliance Programs are not available anywhere else in Australia and are the most cost-effective in the market. Equipped with a dedicated Compliance Support Service, it’s a hassle-free solution perfect for SMEs and their clients.

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