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Compliance risk assessment

Stay compliant and minimise potential breaches of the law with our FREE Compliance Risk Assessment Report.

Identifying compliance risks is the first step to a robust compliance program. You simply can’t mitigate a risk you are unaware of. We are able to add value to your corporate governance and risk management processes by conducting an annual (or regular) compliance risk assessment for your organisation or on an adhoc basis.

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In cases where businesses are required to comply with ACCC’s legal undertaking or where you have received a WHS infringement notice, a compliance risk assessment (or an analysis of a similar nature) to identify compliance breaches of the Competition and Consumer Protection Act 2010 (Cth) or the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (Cth) or state WHS or OHS regulations may be a mandatory obligation.

Organisations generally conduct internal audits that assess enterprise risks. However, most organisations do not undertake activities to identify and analyse legal or regulatory compliance risks as a more focused task, which may result in higher exposure to compliance risks.

Compliance risk assessment and reporting

As part of our end-to-end business compliance services, we are able to:

  • identify compliance obligations and compliance commitments where breaches may result in fines or penalties, damage of reputation and inability to operate in key markets
  • conduct a compliance risk assessment of risks of non-compliance of such obligations and commitments
  • create risk ratings and develop a risk matrix table for your organisation

Compliance risk assessment service features

Features of our Compliance Risk Assessment Service include the following:

  • identification and analysis of compliance obligations, compliance requirements and compliance commitments of your organisation
  • organisational analysis of:
    • business activities, products, services, procedures, processes and business systems
    • business documentation including contracts, proposals, business documents and other high value content required for compliance
  • analysis of:
    • areas of high risk of non-compliance
    • compliance priority areas assessed using a risk ratings and risk table matrix
  • analysis of existing compliance policies and procedures for dealing with non-compliance, customer complaints, breach reporting and critical incident management
  • compliance management system gap analysis
  • recommendations and advice on actions required to be taken via our Compliance Risk Assessment Report
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Compliance risk assessment methodology

Compliance risk assessment requires a comprehensive framework and methodology to ensure that all potential risks of non-compliance are captured by the assessment.

At The Performance Management Company, we have a structured approach to any compliance risk assessment that we conduct for our clients. As with our Compliance Consulting Project, we believe that using a structured and systematic approach produces the results our clients require for determining and assessing compliance risks within their organisations.

The compliance risk assessment framework also provides an opportunity to plan for an effective risk management strategy that may be applied to each business unit or risk domain within the organisation.

Compliance consulting project

Take advantage of our popular Compliance Consulting Project solution where we provide our risk assessment service as part of the solution. The Compliance Consulting Project solution covers the following:

Corporate compliance programs

We also offer Corporate Compliance Programs which cover all of our Compliance Consulting Project services plus:


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Our Compliance Risk Assessment Service is intended to provide you with a solution to an essential part of your enterprise risk management and compliance program. Equipped with a dedicated Compliance Support Service, it’s a hassle-free solution perfect for SMEs and their clients.

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