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WHS Policies and Procedures


Comprehensive sets of WHS policies and procedures, safety manuals and guides

WHS consultants in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane providing: policies and procedures, safety manuals, safety instruction guides and other documentation required to manage WHS obligations developed, written and delivered to you by our compliance experts

Safety documentation and WHS policies and procedures are crucial for the operation of a WHS management system. The documentation:

  • should reflect recognised safety standards including international standards as well as regulations, codes of practice and industry guidelines; and
  • must be practical and achievable for the size of the organisation involved and the resources and capacity of the organisation’s members.

WHS documentation solutions

We offer various solutions and services including:

Coverage of WHS documentation

As a WHS consulting firm, we are able to prepare the following:

  • WHS policies and procedures such as:
    • Manual handling policy
    • Working from home policy
    • work health and safety policy
    • WHS risk management policy
    • Confined spaces policy
    • First aid policy
    • Managing electrical risks policy
    • Noise reduction policy
    • Food safety policy
    • Space management policy
    • Critical incident policy
  • Accidents investigation procedure
  • Document control and review procedure
  • Various WHS checklists
  • Various WHS registers and records
  • WHS annual compliance plan
  • Other documents including instruction guides, safety manuals, product manuals, user guides, contracts, proposals, statements of work etc.

Related services and solutions

We also provide related services and solutions including:

  • Compliance Risk Assessment Service covering identification and analysis of WHS obligations, risk profile etc;
  • Compliance Framework Design Service covering the design of a WHS framework and WHS organisational structure, roles and responsibilities as part of an integrated corporate governance, risk management and compliance framework;
  • Compliance Training Courses where we are able to set up a WHS training program for employees and staff including employee induction programs;
  • WHS Consulting Services such the following:
    • setting up drug and alcohol testing programs and procedures (where necessary);
    • establishing a WHS compliance management system;
    • establishing continuous improvement processes and a roadmap;
  • Conduct of WHS compliance audits using our Compliance Audit Report Service and prepare responses to audits.
Dedicated workspace

All custom WHS policies and procedures and legal and business documents are:

  • delivered through your own dedicated workspace on an enterprise-grade Secure Online Platform; and
  • accessible by your entire team:
    • directly from the platform, or
    • via links from your organisation’s website or intranet (for additional control of restricted documents)

You can also use the workspace for storing all your documents as the workspace comes with unlimited document storage.

TPM Compliance Library

Our TPM Compliance Library contains hundreds of compliance policies, manuals, procedures and other compliance documentation templates and resources including WHS policies and procedures, WHS compliance registers, guides, tools and resources, all of which are regularly updated by our industry authors.

Clients on all of our Corporate Compliance Programs have free access to our TPM Compliance Library. We also offer a low subscription fee for full access.


See our TPM Pricing page for various solution options, subscriptions and Corporate Compliance Programs.


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Our comprehensive WHS policies and procedures and other WHS documentation are supplied at extremely reasonable costs. In addition, we offer free access to all resources contained in our TPM Compliance Library if you subscribe to any of our Corporate Compliance Programs.

Equipped with a dedicated compliance Support Service, our business compliance services are a hassle-free solution perfect for you and your organisation.

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