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Compliance policies & compliance documentation

Compliance policies and compliance documentation

We do the thinking for you!

Your complete compliance policies and procedures package for a high performing business

All compliance policies, manuals, guides, procedures and other resources required by your business are supplied, monitored and updated for you by our compliance experts

Our compliance policies and procedures cover the core processes required to be implemented by a business in compliance with rules and regulations, as well as the processes required for best practice organisational management.

Compliance documentation solutions

We offer 3 types of comprehensive custom compliance policies and procedures solutions:

Option 1: Compliance Policies Preparation Service

Preparation and drafting of compliance policies and procedures in accordance with your instructions through our Compliance Policies Preparation Service. Key compliance areas which we provide our customisation services include the following:

  • WHS Policies and Procedures
  • Workplace Conduct Policies and Procedures
  • Employment Relations Policies and Procedures
  • Consumer Protection Policies and Procedures
  • Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Policies and Procedures including GRC framework, complaints handling, breach reporting and whistleblower protection policies and procedures
  • Business Continuity Policies and Procedures including critical incidents and emergency management response policies and procedures
  • Industry Compliance Policies and Procedures including documentation for the following industries:
    • Aged care
    • Banking and finance
    • Building and construction
    • Charities
    • Credit providers (ACL)
    • Financial service providers (AFSL, AML/CTF)
    • Education centres and schools
    • Food and health
    • and more…
Option 2: Compliance Consulting Project

Preparation and drafting of compliance policies and procedures as part of a Compliance Consulting Project, where we provide the following:

  • Compliance Risk Assessment Service, where we:
    • identify your regulatory compliance obligations;
    • conduct a compliance risk assessment;
    • perform a gap analysis of your organisation’s compliance management system; and
    • provide you with a Compliance Risk Assessment Report outlining our findings;
  • Compliance Framework Design Service, where we:
    • design an integrated corporate governance, risk management and compliance framework;
    • design a compliance organisational structure;
    • design compliance procedures; and
    • design and develop compliance registers;
  • Compliance Management Consulting Services where we design and implement a compliance management system according to international standards; and
  • Compliance Policies Preparation Service (covering Option 1).
Option 3: Corporate Compliance Programs

Preparation and drafting of compliance policies and procedures as part of our Business Compliance Program or Enterprise Compliance Program which also includes the following:

Other add-on services and solutions

We also offer other solutions including:

Dedicated workspace

All our custom compliance policies and compliance documentation are:

  • delivered to you through your own dedicated workspace on an enterprise-grade Secure Online Platform; and
  • accessible by your entire team:
    • directly from the platform, or
    • via links from your organisation’s website or intranet (for additional control of restricted documents)

You can also use the workspace for storing all your documents as the workspace comes with unlimited document storage.

TPM Compliance Library

Our TPM Compliance Library contains hundreds of compliance policies, manuals, procedures and other compliance documentation templates and resources to assist you with meeting your organisational compliance obligations.

Free access is provided for clients on our Corporate Compliance Programs.


See our TPM Pricing page for various solution options, subscriptions and Corporate Compliance Programs.


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Our comprehensive compliance templates, compliance policies and other resources are not available anywhere else in Australia. Access via our TPM Compliance Library or have all your compliance documentation customised for you on a project basis or through our Compliance Consulting Services, or as part of our Corporate Compliance Programs.

Equipped with a dedicated Compliance Support Service, our business compliance services are a hassle-free solution perfect for you and your organisation.

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