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Compliance framework & compliance scheduling


Focusing on a long term compliance solution

Lack of a proper compliance framework and an efficient and responsive compliance management system is the most common cause of non-compliance in businesses

Having a compliance framework that sets out a model for governance oversight is essential. There is no point putting effort into developing great policies when they are left alone and not applied by their intended audience. Worse still is the current trend of thinking that “more is best” resulting in an explosion of compliance and business content and documentation in all forms that no one reads. This leads to an organisational failure to follow operational standards, and the rise of ‘organisational cowboys’ with each team member doing their own thing, thus resulting in inconsistencies and non-compliance.

Integrated corporate governance, risk management and compliance framework

Every business needs an effective compliance framework that provides a structure for assessing, planning,  implementing and monitoring compliance strategy, compliance policies and documentation, compliance training and management of obligations.

This is where we can help. We are able to design a comprehensive integrated corporate governance, risk management and compliance framework (GRC) that covers the strategy and approach to compliance management for your organisation as part of an integrated GRC program.

compliance framework

Pre-filled compliance register and compliance schedule

Alongside the compliance framework is the design and implementation of a detailed compliance register and compliance schedule to allow you and your team to track and monitor compliance obligations within proper time frames and deadlines.

We supply the compliance schedule in iCal format so that you are able to import the compliance schedule into your calendar program of choice.

Compliance framework design service features

Our compliance framework design service includes the following features:

  • design of a compliance organisational structure as part of a corporate governance, risk management and compliance framework
  • recommendations and advice on roles and responsibilities for compliance within your organisation
  • recommendations and advice on corporate governance, risk management and compliance framework documentation including:
    • compliance management policy
    • compliance management procedures
    • risk management policy
    • risk management procedures
  • design and preparation of compliance registers
  • review and identification of compliance documentation, procedures, processes, platform and systems integration requirements necessary for managing compliance obligations and commitments using our proprietary assessment and diagnostic tools, business intelligence and market and competitor research
  • design and preparation of pre-filled compliance schedules for:
    • tracking and monitoring compliance obligations and commitments
    • implementation of compliance training, program administration, change management requirements, compliance documentation review and so on
  • design and preparation of annual compliance plans
Learn about our other solutions

Compliance consulting project

Take advantage of our popular Compliance Consulting Project solution where we provide our compliance framework design and scheduling services as part of the solution. The Compliance Consulting Project solution covers the following:

Corporate compliance programs

We also offer Corporate Compliance Programs which cover all of our Compliance Consulting Project services plus:


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Getting our Compliance Consulting Project package or subscribing to one of our Corporate Compliance Programs is simply one of the best solutions you can take to make sure that you are able to implement an effective compliance program in your organisation easily and effectively. Equipped with a dedicated Compliance Support Service, it’s a hassle-free solution perfect for SMEs and their clients.

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