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Business compliance services


Comprehensive business compliance services and solutions for SMEs

Range of business compliance services and solutions which are highly cost-effective and flexible to suit all your organisational compliance needs and requirements

Our business compliance services focus on the delivery of fast, efficient and easily-implemented solutions to enable you to spend less time on managing paperwork and more time on your business and team’s performance. We are a full service company and our end-to-end business compliance services cover consulting services, compliance documentation and information services and solutions as well as online training courses.

We offer quality at best value for money for your business.

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Business compliance services

Our business compliance services, products and solutions cover the following:

Compliance Framework Design Service
Design of compliance framework and compliance register for implementing a governance structure for assessing, planning and scheduling your compliance obligations

Compliance risk assessment report

Compliance Risk Assessment Service
Compliance risk assessment, compliance obligations identification and risk profile analysis for your organisation’s risk of non-compliance on regulatory compliance areas

Compliance Policies Preparation Service
Written by our corporate compliance and industry-specific teams, we provide you with compliance policies, manuals, procedures and work instructions for your industry

Compliance Training Courses
Build a compliant, high performing team with our business compliance training programs including WHS, workplace conduct, consumer protection and more

Sales Training Courses
Develop your employees’ capabilities by scheduling training sessions such as contract formation, sales standards, conflict resolution, customer buying process etc

TPM regulatory update service

Regulatory Update Service
Use our Focus industry and regulatory update publications as part of your regulatory compliance monitoring and risk management process

Compliance Audit Report Service
Design and conduct of annual or adhoc compliance audits and preparation of compliance reports as well as industry and competitor benchmarking analyses and reports

Compliance Consulting Services
Compliance consulting on the design and implementation of quality management systems in accordance with international standards including WHS, compliance, risk management, complaints handling systems and more

Compliance Support Service
Dedicated compliance support services for all your questions and queries on our compliance documentation, compliance training and corporate compliance programs

Compliance programs

Our Corporate Compliance Programs package our business compliance services and solutions into cost-effective packages.

The programs are all ISO and ACCC-compliant and are used by businesses to implement compliance management systems for key compliance areas including WHS & OHS, product safety, privacy and data protection, workplace conduct, consumer complaints handling and more.

We offer three levels of Corporate Compliance Programs:

  1. Basic Compliance Program – self-guided compliance program;
  2. Business Compliance Program – custom compliance program; and
  3. Enterprise Compliance Program – fully managed compliance program.

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Our business compliance services and solutions are flexible and cost-effective. Equipped with a dedicated Compliance Support Service, it’s a hassle-free solution perfect for SMEs and their clients.

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