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Our product safety consulting services are led by a team of product safety consulting experts specialising in consumer product safety laws and regulations as well as in dealing with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) on matters of non-compliance. We provide you with advice on regulatory compliance, prepare your compliance documentation and provide compliance training.

Full service product safety consulting solutions

Our product safety consulting service covers issues such as:

  • product safety and consumer guarantees
  • product liability and trade practices (false advertising and marketing, poor compliance documentation, high risk activities)
  • manufacturing, importing, distributing, installing, supplying and selling safe products
  • compensation for product recalls and product bans
  • mandatory notification and reporting requirements

We have been in business since 2008 and have assisted a wide array of businesses, from start-ups to large organisations, to meet their regulatory obligations. Our product safety consulting success comes from our comprehensive and systematic step-by-step approach to identifying your industry compliance obligations (including legal and regulatory obligations and industry codes of practice), developing a compliance framework for your organisation and building and developing a compliance management system for your business.

What’s more, we are able to provide our product safety consulting services in a comprehensive Compliance Consulting Project package at extremely reasonable costs.

Product safety consulting features

Features of our product safety consulting services include the following:

  • analysis and review of your business compliance obligations and commitments including legal and regulatory obligations in relation to product safety, product safety standards and product information standards
  • analysis and review of all of the following in relation to product manufacturing, product testing, product marketing and product selling:
  • reviewing product testing resources and adequacy of product testing including:
    • conducting in-house test and review of test plans
    • use of controls
  • compliance risk assessment and identification of your compliance risks and high risk activities
  • design of a compliance management system according to Australian and international standards ISO 19600, taking into account related standards such ISO 31000 (risk management), ISO 10002 (complaints handling) and ISO 15489 (records management)
  • design of an effective remediation program according to regulatory requirements
  • design of a change management, knowledge management and staff compliance training program
  • assistance with a compliance management system roadmap
Compliance consulting
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Compliance Consulting Project

Take advantage of our popular Compliance Consulting Project solution where we provide product safety consulting services as part of the solution. The Compliance Consulting Project solution covers the following:

  • Compliance Risk Assessment Service, where we:
    • identify your regulatory compliance obligations including product safety obligations;
    • conduct a compliance risk assessment;
    • perform a gap analysis of your organisation’s compliance management system; and
    • provide you with a Compliance Risk Assessment Report outlining our findings;
  • Compliance Framework Design Service, where we:
    • , design an integrated corporate governance, risk management and compliance framework;
    • design a compliance organisational structure;
    • design compliance procedures; and
    • design and develop compliance registers;
  • Compliance Management Consulting Services where we design and implement a compliance management system according to international standards, with a focus on compliance of product safety obligations (or other regulatory obligations depending on key compliance risks identified); and
  • Compliance Policies Preparation Service where we prepare all compliance policies and procedures required.

Corporate compliance programs

We also offer Corporate Compliance Programs which cover all of our Compliance Consulting Project services plus:


Please see our TPM Pricing page for more information on pricing.

If you are on our Enterprise Compliance Program, we charge a cost-effective monthly program fee for the first year of subscription. Renewals thereafter are at your discretion.

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