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We are a subject matter expert when it comes to compliance with workplace or occupational health and safety laws.

The Performance Management Company is recognised for our efficient and reliable OHS consulting services (or WHS Consulting Services, as the case may be*), as well as the clear and practical OHS advice we deliver to our clients. Our occupational health and safety consults are provided to clients around Australia, including businesses and enterprises located in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne and other cities in Australia. We have wide-ranging knowledge in OHS practice and in state and industry OHS laws and codes of practice.

* To find out the difference between the two terms, WHS and OHS, see our explanation here.

The need for an occupational health and safety program

For an organisation, the goal of any health and safety program at the workplace is to discharge its primary duty to ensure a safe working environment for their workers. To achieve this goal, a thorough understanding of occupational health and safety obligations is required. A failure to meet its OHS obligations may result in not just administrative penalties and potential litigation but it may lead to a problematic, volatile workplace.

Indeed, an effective OHS program allows organisations to maintain higher performance levels in their workers than otherwise possible.

Full range of OHS consulting services

We provide a full range of OHS consulting services (or WHS Consulting Services) including assisting with the development of an occupational health and safety program for your organisation and conducting an OHS gap analysis to liaising with regulators on your behalf in relation to safety compliance breaches. We appreciate that every organisation is different, and it is for this reason that we tailor your OHS needs to your organisational requirements.

OHS consulting services features

Our OHS consulting services cover all aspects of OHS consulting including:

  • Conducting OHS audits
  • Conducting OHS gap analysis
  • Identifying safety risks relating to work activities, operations, facilities, plant and structures
  • Designing compliance programs for compliance with OHS obligations
  • Designing and implementing an OHS risk management system according to international standards (as part of an integrated governance, risk management and compliance system for your organisation) including:
    • ISO 45001 occupational health and safety (OHSAS 18001 replacement)
    • AS/NZS 4801 occupational health and safety
    • ISO 19600 compliance management systems
    • ISO 9001 quality systems
    • ISO 31000 risk management system
    • ISO 22301 Business Continuity
    • and more…
  • Preparing OHS policies and procedures including:
    • OHS compliance register
    • Occupational health and safety policy and procedures
    • Breach reporting policy and procedures
    • Business continuity management plan
    • Critical incident policy and procedures
    • Manual handling policy and procedures
    • Risk matrix table and risk registers
    • and more…
  • Conducting OHS risk assessments such as manual handling, plant and operational risks
  • Conducting OHS compliance training and coaching including training on the following topics:
    • Overview of OHS laws
    • Safety in the workplace
    • Manual handling procedures
    • OHS record-keeping requirements
    • and more…
  • OHS incidents management and reporting

We offer our OHS consulting services to locations around Australia, and consider legal and regulatory requirements of states which have not yet adopted the WHS model laws including Melbourne and WA.

Compliance consulting
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Compliance Consulting Project

Take advantage of our popular Compliance Consulting Project solution where we provide OHS and safety consultants as part of the solution. The Compliance Consulting Project solution covers the following:

  • Compliance Risk Assessment Service, where we:
    • identify your regulatory compliance obligations including OHS-specifc compliance obligations;
    • conduct a compliance risk assessment;
    • perform a gap analysis of your organisation’s compliance management system; and
    • provide you with a Compliance Risk Assessment Report outlining our findings;
  • Compliance Framework Design Service, where we:
    • , design an integrated corporate governance, risk management and compliance framework;
    • design a compliance organisational structure;
    • design compliance procedures; and
    • design and develop compliance registers;
  • Compliance Management Consulting Services where we design and implement a compliance management system according to international standards, with a focus on compliance of OHS obligations (or other regulatory obligations depending on key compliance risks identified); and
  • Compliance Policies Preparation Service where we prepare all compliance policies and procedures required.

Corporate compliance programs

We also offer Corporate Compliance Programs which cover all of our Compliance Consulting Project services plus:


Please see our TPM Pricing page for more information on pricing.

If you are on our Enterprise Compliance Program, we charge a cost-effective monthly program fee for the first year of subscription. Renewals thereafter are at your discretion.

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