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Maximise revenue and reduce operational costs

Forget about hunting for documents in folders and copies in desk drawers – have your contracts managed and monitored through a secure central system

Our contract management consulting services are designed to assist businesses to reduce operational costs by implementing a contract risk management program. The services cover the analysis and design of a system for managing and reviewing your high-value documents such as contracts, policies, manuals, procedures and processes, and the creation of an effective contract management and contract administration and approval workflow for you.

Contract management for operational efficiency

We help you take the tediousness out of vendor and sales management. Most businesses start with best intentions – having a great document or contract management solution that becomes difficult and hard to maintain as the business grows. A failure to implement a proper contract management solution results in a number of adverse consequences:

  • For contracts with vendors or suppliers, the business is unable to track performance of obligations – it is estimated that up to 60% of vendor contracts are automatically renewed without the buyer’s knowledge and at a higher price.
  • For sales contracts and policies:
    • negotiations are contained in emails
    • there is no version control
    • the business cannot monitor scope creep, thus potentially losing revenue
    • there may be a failure to upsell goods and services at renewal time
    • there is a potential high risk of attrition as client relationships are not maintained
    • sales staff may unknowingly contravene pricing policies or rules which may pose a risk to revenue of the business.

Contract management consulting features

Our contract management consulting services cover the following:

  • analysis and review of your business contractual obligations and commitments with vendors, suppliers, clients or customers, employees and contractors and other third parties*
  • analysis and review of organisation’s legal documentation including contracts, terms of service, statements of works, proposals and more including:*
    • identifying risks in contracts and highlighting unfavourable or non-standard clauses such as adverse termination, indemnity, damages and pricing clauses
    • identifying liabilities and providing advice on cost-effective, commercially focused options
    • identifying inefficiencies including lack of version controls and time to execution
  • analysis and review of organisation’s business documentation including product description statements, user guides, user manuals, website, sales and marketing collateral
  • analysis and review of your organisation’s procedures, systems and processes
  • identification of your contractual risks and high risk activities
  • design of a contract management system according to Australian and international standards for a quality management system ISO 9001 (together with other relevant international standards for compliance, risk management etc)
  • design of a change management, knowledge management and staff contract and sales management training program
  • assistance with a contract management system roadmap

*Legal reviews are conducted by our partner law firm, Inveiss Legal. For more information, see our About page.

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Our systematic approach to consulting

We have been in business since 2008 and have assisted a wide array of businesses, from start-ups to large organisations, to meet their regulatory obligations. The success of our contract management consulting services come from our systematic step-by-step compliance consulting approach to building and developing an integrated, effective and responsive integrated compliance and contract management system for your business at extremely reasonable costs.


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If you are on our Enterprise Compliance Program, we charge a cost-effective monthly program fee for the first year of subscription. Renewals thereafter are at your discretion.


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