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The team at The Performance Management Company is made up of compliance and business consultants, all of whom are highly experienced in their niche. We are a related to Inveiss Legal, a specialist commercial and corporate law firm.

We take pride in what we do. Our entire focus is on helping our clients achieve a compliant, high performing business. The key differentiator of our compliance management solution lies in the delivery of a comprehensive package consisting of not just a technology component, but also the supply of compliance content creation, management, training and reporting features that are based on the needs of each client who engages us.

Connecting the dots between compliance, assets and profitability

There are only two ways to develop a profitable business – make money, save money

To make money, a business needs to strengthen its brand and grow revenue. To save money, that business needs to create organisational efficiency. By codifying content of compliance policies, frameworks and procedures into high value assets that allows such assets to be used in a consistent manner by the business and its employees, the business becomes a high performing business that provides best user experience through good customer relationship management and operational efficiency, thus gaining customer loyalty.

Implementing a proper, integrated and well-managed compliance content delivery, training and management framework is the key to the successful implementation of a strategy that focuses creating a risk aware culture in order to build a compliant, high performing business.

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Our all-inclusive compliance management programs are not available anywhere else in Australia and are the most cost-effective in the market. Equipped with a dedicated compliance support service, it’s a hassle-free solution perfect for SMEs and their clients.

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